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    Jorge Angel

    hi, I installed the plug in to try to use the “admin new order” as an easier way of updating (increasing) inventory.   The documentation specifically states:
    “Admin new order
    Stock action performed when admin creates a new order and adds products via “Add item(s) > Add product(s)” buttons. Possible values: Default; Increase; Decrease.”

    I enabled the “adjust line item product stock” in “admin order options”, I specify the order status to a custom “Inventory Order” status and set the value to “Increase”.

    I’m logged in as an admin, add an order, add a product using “Add items”, “Add products”, specify a quantity and create the order to that order status and it doesn’t update the inventory.  I’ve tried tried everything to see what it would do but can’t get it to work including if I update the status of that order to “complete”, it decreases the inventory.  If I put it back to the “Inventory Order” and update the order nothing happens and if I update to “cancelled” the inventory is put back to the original value.   I also tried adding the “Inventory Order” like the default of a “cancelled” order but that didn’t do anything either.  I have also toggled everything for this plug in to take control and disable the standard triggers and reverse but still no luck.

    Based on my interpretation of the documentation, I was expecting that placing an order as an admin and adding the item would have increased the inventory for the item for the status I created.  Is it not supposed to work that way?



    Hello Jorge Angel,

    I hope you are well, and thank you for clarifying the problem.

    We are sorry for the problems you encountered, but do not worry, we will definitely help you solve this.

    I will submit this to the development team to try to replicate the problem that happened to you and find a solution and explanation for it. In the meantime, please can you send a screenshot of the settings that you used with the Stock Triggers for WooCommerce plugin?

    Thank you for your effort.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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