How calculation works? Is reverse possible?

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    I testing out using your plugin but having a bit of a challenge with figuring out the calculations.

    I intend to increase prices by 7.5%. I used the ‘multiply all products prices by tab with 1.075’, as instructed in comments below. I would like to reverse this back to the original price. Pls what value am I going to use and in which of the tabs? Is there a way to revert to original price pls?

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    The calculation should be correct in this case, multiplying by 1.075 should increase prices by 7.5%, the plugin allows you to see a preview of prices before applying the change.

    To reverse it, you have to multiply prices by 0.9302 (this will get you almost exactly the original prices, for more accurate reversal, try multiplying by 0.9302325581, which is the result of 1/1.075).

    Please let us know if we can help in anything else.



    Hi! Thank you so much for getting back, truly appreciated.

    Now I have two problems,
    1. After applying the 7.5% increase by the multiply tab with 1.075, I didn’t quite like the result, so I attempted the reversal before reaching out to you by “Using the Add to all product prices, with -1.075, It made sense to me that using a negative value of my original action would reverse this (I’m not a numbers person :), unfortunately, it didn’t. So now, I not only need to reverse the 7.5% increase but also need to undo the “Add to all product prices, with -1.075, ” I hope this is clear? 🙂

    2. Unfortunately, your preview action did not work, I would have avoided this if it did.

    3. I Love the simplicity of your plugin, it does just one task and I love that, however, it’s a big challenge for non mathematicians to use, can the workaround be made simpler for non numbers people like me? having to calculate to be able to use it is tough for some of us :).


    Hi again,

    Honestly I’m not sure how the prices ended up now on your store, can you please send us to [email protected] with wp-admin access to check (also please provide a product with prev. price so we can calculate the difference).


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