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    Pandhi Moukouyou

    Hi, I bought “Custom shipping method”.
    I have a multi vendor site, and lot of vendor come from different country.

    1. I want knowhow I can propose shipping method by vendor locator. For example i want i somebody bought choose from vendor in france, the shipping method will be “A”, and if the client buy T-shirt from Italy, the shipping method will be “B”.

    2. Or is it possible to propose different shipping methor by vendor ?

    3. Is it possible possible to block shipping method if a client want to buy product on different country ?

    4. Is it possible to add extra fees if the client buy product in different shop. Example : I want to add +10€ when a client buy product of 2 different vendor

    Thank you very much

    Aniket Kumar

    Hi Pandhi,

    Unfortunately our plugin is not completely compatible with multi-vendor plugins as of now but still I will answer your questions below:
    1 & 2 – It is not possible to create Shipping Methods based on vendor location
    3 – You can create Shipping Methods based on countries or define those countries as zones to limit the selection of Shipping Methods.
    4 – Adding additional fees based on shop too is currently not possible.
    We have taken a note of these points and we will schedule this compatibility in one of the upcoming release. Also, can you please let us know the multi-vendor plugin you are currently using so accordingly can plan for it.

    Best Regards,
    Aniket kumar

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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