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    I have a pre-sale question about Bulk Price Converter for WooCommerce. My business case is:
    My product prices are beeing synchronized regulary with supplier database (15.000 products). I’m a dropshipper. New products will be added and suggested retail prices will be altered. This is stored in WooCommerce as default price.

    Example: Today I bulk edit all default prices; like 5% discount using Bulk Price Converter for WooCommerce (suggested price by supplier minus 5%). The new discounted price is beeing saved as default WooCommerce price. –> Great.

    Because of newly added products and price changes, i have to run the bulk update (Bulk Price Converter) every day.

    My question is: If I change product price today (minus 5%). And minus 5% tomorrow. And minus 5% the day after tomorrow. And so on…
    Will prices be € 0 after a week bulk editing? Or will plugin halt when price already altered once?

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    Hi Niels,

    Good question, the plugin changes the current price (at the time of running it), so if you have price of $10, tomorrow bulk-changed it to minus 5%, it will become 0.95, when you run 5% again the following day, it will be $9.5 * 95% = $9.025, mathematically, you will never reach $0 in this case.

    The plugin will not halt regardless of bulks you run, I hope this answers your question.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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