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    Hello, I have a question regarding custom shipping methods pro plugin. I’m looking to buy it but want to ensure it will work for my needs first. I have some items that ship at a flat rate based on distance. Similar to this code and link in your forum. [costs_table prop=”distance” table=”0-0|16-35|30-50|70-60″ key=”API_KEY” default_distance=”100″ units=”km” debug=”yes”]

    I also have other products that have a flat rate + rate per km that can be shipped further than the products that the code above would be applied to.

    There are two scenarios that I’d like to better understand:
    1. If someone lives 30 km away and has one product from each of the shipping scenarios above.
    2. If someone has one product from each shipping area above, but lives outside the first delivery area, making shipping not possible for part of their cart.

    Would I be able to set this up as a single shipping zone and method, or would I need to have multiple shipping methods inside the shipping zone so that I can do different cost calculations? EG. Method one is a flat rate based on different distances and applies only to certain shipping classes. Method two is a rate per km and is eligible from our store location throughout a much larger area, only applied to certain shipping classes.

    Additionally, If I have other methods with flat rate or free shipping would I do that through this plugin or the built-in woocommerce options?

    If multiple shipping methods are required based on what the user has in their cart, will the cart page be able to add the costs from all applicable methods, or will an error occur saying that not all items can be shipped to that geography?

    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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