Why are all the fields related to the post not working?

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    Hello!! I need some help with an issue.

    I am using the premium version of you plugin with gravity forms. Where people use a form to upload media files for a design contest. I’m using the plugin to have files renamed but all the fields related to the post are not working.

    For example, {siteurl}, {datetime} and {username} are working fine. But {posttitle} , {postid} and {tax:category} aren’t. It’s old because the working before… I’m also using a gravity perk called” Nested Forms” so people could upload multiple entries to form. Is there any work around that can be done so these work again??
    Would be very grateful for the help. Thanks!

    Pablo Pacheco

    Hi Sabrina,

    Please try to check if there is an ajax feature on gravity forms. If there is, try to disable it.

    It if doesn’t work, please try to find the media that was uploaded incorrectly and try to update the filename again.


    Hey Pablo,
    This is Sabrina. Thank you for replying.

    I already disabled ajax on the gravity forms but I dont see any difference.

    Going through and updating the file names myself is not a real a solution to my problem…. There will be tons of media uploads throughout just one day and it will be extremely time consuming to be sitting there editing all these file names one by one…… I need the plugin to rename the files automatically when uploaded…

    Is there anything that can be done to get the plugin to actually work?

    Pablo Pacheco

    What I meant was to find just one media file on the midia listing page, and click on the “Update filename” option located on the bulk actions dropdown.

    If after that, the filename update works correctly, you’d be able to use the other option “Schedule Filename Update”, that would automatically rename all your media from time to time. Please, before trying it, it’s a good idea to make a backup ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please try that and let me know


    Ok so I tried what you said. I went the to media page and select a few of the files and clicked updated to test but there was no difference.
    Its still renaming only with the username and date rules. It’s not including post title, category or custom fields rules and these are the ones I need the most…….. ๐Ÿ™

    Pablo Pacheco

    I’m thinking. The post title, category and custom fields rules are only going to work if the media is attached to a post. On the media listing page you can look for it on the “Uploaded to” column.

    It’s necessary because the media needs to pull the data from a post. If it’s not attached, it can’t work. Can you please make sure the media is attached?


    Hey Pablo, your right!

    I checked the media page and yeah, for some reason all the media appear as “unattached” so they are not attaching to the post. I chose on of the media file and reattached it to its post and the rules automatically worked again.

    This is very strange though because they should be attaching… Is there any easier way to do this other than doing it one by one???

    This is what I did to create all of this: I created a custom post type called ” Entries” and each entry is a post to that CPT. So when every the user submits an entry on gravity forms the results will get mapped to the Custom Post Type. I know the fields are mapping correctly because I am to post the results on front-end of the site.

    Pablo Pacheco

    Great then ๐Ÿ™‚

    How are you mapping the process of submitting the gravity form entry to a custom post type? Can you please change this to the default process and let it submit to a normal post, only for testing?

    Maybe there is some way to setup the gravity form so it can automatically attach the media

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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