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    Hello, one last question. How to define the size of the image with the [alg_wc_ean_product_image] shortcode?

    I tried to add a style="width:..." atttribute or to set the parent td to flex stretch but it didn’t change the image size at all, it is very small: https://prnt.sc/76CCjDHwztQt

    This is the code I’m using:

    <table style="padding: 10px">
            <td style="width: 40%">
                <div style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</div>
            <td style="width: 60%;text-align: center">
                [alg_wc_ean_barcode after="<br>"]
                [alg_wc_ean_product_name] - [alg_wc_ean_product_price]
    in reply to: Internal margin on the barcode labels? #85128

    Thank you Tom for your replies and plugin updates, this is really awesome! I’m gonna rate you 5-stars, that’s what I call a premium support!

    Regarding the styling (margins, centering), I tried using <div> elements before asking the question but it didn’t work, I will try using <table> and <td> as you suggest.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)