5 Best Global Discount Plugins for WooCommerce to Boost Sales

5 Best Global Discount Plugins for WooCommerce to Boost Sales

If you want to boost sales but cannot find any suitable tactic, giving some discount is the real deal. Many studies have proved that discounts in terms of sales or promotion always bring better conversions than other strategies. It’s also a simple and amazing technique to grab customer’s attention and satisfaction in one go.

5 Best Global Discount Plugins for WooCommerce to Boost Sales

Considering the store owner’s demands, the developers have developed several plugins with different discount options. The pricing and captivating tags make the strategy work in the right way according to your business. However, choosing the right one according to your business type is a real hassle. No worries! We are here to cover you throughout your ecommerce journey.

This guide will address the top 5 global discount plugins for WooCommerce to attract more buyers internationally. For your better understanding, we have covered every detail, from features to the description. So, let’s get deeper into the details!

1.  Global Shop Discount for WooCommerce

Global Shop Discount for WooCommerce

It’s the first plugin for global shopping discounts with all-in-all functions and tools available to vendors. It beautifully adds a single discount offer to all the products, or you can add it to each product for distinctive discount offers. Does it really perform such a task? Yes, it’s one of the vendor’s favorite plugins to offer discounts to your national and international customers in one go. In short, it’s a plugin dealing with all the global discount options, handling several audiences based on different locations, and much more.

Primarily, it decreases efforts and quickly adds discounts anywhere you want, whether on product or category pages. What’s more, creating multiple discount offers has made it easier. This technique is very effective because when a customer has a look at multiple discount options, it looks attractive. Besides, it’s a sales booster, increasing the overall revenue of your e-commerce store.

Don’t understand it yet? Let’s check out some of its important benefits you can relish after installing it for your store:

Easy and Effortless Plugin

The plugin is easy to use, and you can add multiple discount offers effortlessly. Primarily, it’s designed to enhance the discount management capabilities from one place. Its high-level customization allows the owners to apply discounts on single products to category pages. It’s all possible now in a few clicks.

Moreover, it offers comprehensive customization where you can add different offers to make the discount personalized for different audiences. In short, the vendors have numerous possibilities to grab customers internationally.

Flexibility to Create Multiple Discount Offers

Flexibility is the key requirement when we talk about creating offers. Global Shop Discount for WooCommerce plugin is highly flexible for the vendors and the buyers. Its all-in-all options and multiple settings allow vendors to take control of the discount offers. In a nutshell, everything is at your fingertips, whether it’s an offer creation or checking analytics of the offer.

The plugin has multiple settings to deal with different scenarios. Take full control of your store’s strategy, implement different discount strategies, and bring more conversions. Yeah, it’s useful for all types of wooCommerce-based stores.

Include and Exclude Products

With this plugin, you can create different kinds of discount offers with super customization. The plugin is like a one-size-fits-scenario with powerful features. Suppose you run an e-commerce store; then not all the available products may make good sales. You can say that some are shining stars and a few of them are not bringing more profit. So, is that plugin helpful in such a situation?

Yeah, the plugin offers options to include and exclude products from your discount strategy. Moreover, it allows you to exclude them based on category or tags for easy customization. This way, you can represent the right products in front of customers, bringing more revenue.

Custom Product Rules

Surprisingly, it offers customer product taxonomies whether you want to add new sections or something else based on your current store strategy. Each brand has its unique style so that you can offer discounts with superb customization.

Furthermore, creating custom product rules based on categories or tags is easy with a few clicks. This feature provides some extra dimensions to deal with discount offers in the competitive market.

A Comprehensive Management System

This system eliminates the use of heavy plugins, providing you with a comprehensive management system. It manages all the discount options, product pages, categories, and tags in one place, like a one-stop management system.

It’s flexible to use with different stores and capable of applying several discount techniques simultaneously. It has made the store’s discount strategy a breeze and customizable at your fingertips.

Set Discounts as Percent or as Fixed Values

We are fond of this individual feature because it brings possibilities a few clicks away. For example, you are selling a unique product and can’t give a fixed discount. Don’t worry! The plugin allows vendors to choose the type of discount, such as a certain percentage or a fixed value. Isn’t it a plus? Indeed, it’s fabulous to use with all product stores.

Sale or No-Sale Products

The plugin offers flexibility and versatility to easily choose the sale and no-sale products. The settings are pretty simple, and you can only categorize and apply the discount on the selected products, leaving the others with regular prices. It’s useful when vendors want to offer discounts on selected products for different occasions, such as Black Friday, etc.

2.  YayPricing – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

YayPricing - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

Now create a powerful discount and dynamic pricing strategy with YayPricing – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discount plugin. It’s a powerful solution to add different discount options for single products and even categories. Moreover, it’s economical, so every business owner can enjoy its benefits such as:

  • You can offer different perks with dynamic pricing, such as discounts, promotions, BOGO, and more.
  • It allows vendors to create unlimited discount coupons to make infinite profits according to the strategy.
  • It allows conditional discounts or promotional offers when customers meet a certain shopping value.
  • It has a countdown timer to showcase the sale starting time for Black Day and other occasions.
  • Run-time-based offers can be created easily in a few clicks.

3.  Dynamic Pricing

 Dynamic Pricing by Element Stark

As the name suggests, it can create different price offers for different products and categories. It’s helpful when you target a broad audience nationally and internationally. Give a bulk discount to apply for role-based promotions; everything is possible with this reliable plugin. Choose the measuring parameter, such as weight, size, or units, and apply the conditions easily from the settings. It also offers:

  • It brings advanced price settings for products. For example, if a user buys one product, they will get a 5% discount; if they buy more, they will get a 10% discount.
  • You can set up dynamic and simple category prices based on the included products on different occasions.
  • Role-based discount settings are amazing for the most-selling products under certain categories.
  • It’s an easy-to-use, reliable, and economical plugin for WooCommerce.

4.  Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO

 Discount Rules for WooCommerce - PRO

It’s another helpful and reliable plugin to create customized rules for WooCommerce. It has multiple options such as bulk discounts, add-to-cart discounts, special offers, role-based offers, and much more without switching and buying other tools. It’s tested with different WooCommerce versions, and it offers superb compatibility. Here are some of its benefits:

  • It can easily add store-wide global discounts on single product or category pages.
  • Offer discounts based on fixed price, percentage, or bulk purchase.
  • It has some additional discount options, including product-specific discounts, category-wide discounts, role-based discounts, BOGO, and conditional discounts.
  • It gives all the analytics, such as purchase history from discount offers.
  • Custom discounts for custom domains are available in your WooCommerce store.

5.   Advance Coupons Plugin

 Advance Coupons Plugin

Last but not least, it’s an advanced coupon plugin with extended features for WooCommerce. Auto apply features, coupons, credit card offers, and much more you all get with this single plugin. Overall, it offers more than 100 features, but we have listed the top of them below:

  • You can create BOGO deals with coupons and other promotional offers.
  • The Add Products option automatically applies the coupon or the available discount when a customer adds them to the cart products.
  • You can apply discounts and coupons with different cart conditions.
  • URL-based coupon codes for social media campaigns and other platforms to bring more sales.
  • Usage restriction features don’t allow the users to use the same code again while purchasing.

Final Thoughts

Although all the listed plugins are reliable for discount and coupon options on your e-commerce store, Global Shop Discount for WooCommerce is at the top. It’s specially developed to deal with several global discounts, targeting customers across the world. It offers all the options for a global discount for pages, categories, and single products. Moreover, other plugins are also helpful but provide numerous additional options. So, check out the mentioned features and pick the suitable one for your WooCommerce store.


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