5 Best Optimal & Guaranteed Price Plugins for WooCommerce

5 Best Optimal and Guaranteed Pricing Plugins for WooCommerce

What if someone is shopping and gets the best and lowest prices at your store? It’s like a reward for the user and builds credibility for your WooCommerce store. Do you need to add the prices manually for each product or category for every user? No worries! Best Price or guaranteed price plugins for WooCommerce take all the heavy lifting and automatically suggest the best and lowest price to the customers. The plugins analyze several factors and apply the available discounts to give the best prices to the users.

5 Best Optimal & Guaranteed Price Plugins for WooCommerce

The plugins match the user’s intent, choice, and product, and after analyzing these crucial factors, the best price is shown to the users. It’s effortless, approved, tested, and reliable for all the stores. Don’t wander online to find the best plugin for prices because we have shortlisted the top 5 out of several.

Stick to the guide to learn more about the shortlisted plugins, including their features, descriptions, and everything necessary to know about them. Let’s go!

1.  Price Robot for WooCommerce

Price Robot for WooCommerce

As the name suggests, the plugin works like a virtual robot that takes care of everything in the backend and automatically shows the lowest price. In short, it’s a calculator that automatically calculates the optimal prices for a product without human effort. This way, the user gets a product at a discount price, and the brand builds a good reputation in terms of trust and more sales.

It’s compatible with the old and present WooCommerce versions, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility. Available at economical prices with different plans, you can choose the right package according to your store’s requirements. It’s very helpful and a reliable price advisor for the store owners.

Are you still confused about whether to choose it for your e-commerce store? Let’s describe it in more detail below:

A Price Consultive Assistant

Suppose you are shopping, and a Price Robot for WooCommerce plugin is there to help ensure the optimal price. This plugin is a virtual pricing suggestion at your fingertips and works like a set-it-forget-it. It works dynamically to give you the best prices whenever you select a product.

It’s an automatic solution for WooCommerce owners to sit back and relax because your customers will be satisfied with the prices. Undoubtedly, optimal pricing always makes your store competitive and appealing regardless of the market and product competition.

Say goodbye to the manual price settings and welcome the smooth pricing plugin. Yeah, the search engines also boost the stores from where people get more benefits.

No More Calculations

Giving accurate and economical prices to your customers works like magic, but what if you have several products at your store? Definitely, it’s challenging to make calculations for different categories and products, but this price robot plugin will do it automatically.

Did you notice that the prices always end with something .99? It’s magical from the sales perspective, and the plugin automatically generates such allusions to cater to the concentration of the clients.

Thanks to the plugin that keeps the store owners hassle-free from shortcodes and manual calculations. So, leave all the heavy lifting on it and make your customers happy with the economical prices.

More Attractive to Bring Sales

WooCommerce is all about attraction from any of the tactics. This plugin doesn’t only give the optimal prices but also brings sales because it shows the value after analyzing different matrices.

The plugin is designed to analyze the real-time data of the product. For example, if a certain point is tweaked to the user by automatically lowering the price after analyzing data. The point is to make things tempting for the users so they don’t resist purchasing.

Leave the making of the manual to-do list for price update and this price robot will do it automatically in the background. Allows the optimal prices to be in action and sell like a pro.

Future of Pricing Strategy

With this plugin, you adopt the future pricing strategy by displaying optimal pricing to the customers. It not only settles the price but generates sales without leaving the market competition.

Remember that it’s not guesswork, but the plugin is designed to read and analyze different real-time sales points. So, be ready to make informed decisions with the reliable plugin, get more sales, and earn customer satisfaction in return.

Quick and Simple Settings

Last but not least, it’s pretty easy to use because of its straightforward settings. It has simple options for the vendors such as automatic pricing, debug column for admins, data update schedule, display as sale, and variable products. Let’s explain these terms in a quick overview.

Automatic pricing decides the price by automatically analyzing different aspects such as competitive prices, profit, etc. Similarly, the data update schedule allows the vendors to decide whether to change the prices weekly or after a day to make the prices dynamic. Similarly, you can set it up for variable products from the same category. It means it’s a powerful and quick solution to drive sales with an automatic price suggestion.

2.  Price Per Unit Pro

 Price Per Unit Pro

As the name suggests. This plugin automatically calculates the optimal price of a product and shows it on your e-commerce store. It’s another reliable and easy-to-use plugin to automate product prices with trendy automatic pricing techniques.

It comes with a compatible extension to set up things effortlessly and quickly. It’s helpful, especially for those who sell things in quantity, such as food items. When the customer enters the weight or the units, the plugin shows the optimal value according to that. Here, check out its primary features below:

  • It’s usually used to display the best prices for items with weight, like food items, fruits, etc.
  • You can set up different prices for different values to cater to more clients. It’s especially helpful when the vendor wants to discount a certain quantity.
  • Calculating different prices for different quantities of the same products looks challenging. However, the plugin can do it easily, and you only have to set up things only once.
  • You can create prices for custom units. For example, if you don’t want to offer the best prices on a 1 kg item, you can do it with a customized weight.
  • For European users, it shows the settings meeting the EU laws.

3.  Price Calculator for WooCommerce

Price Calculator for WooCommerce

It’s also a WooCommerce extension to expand the working and sales strategy by showing the optimal prices. Primarily, it allows the vendors to show prices according to different aspects, including size, units, weight, and dimensions. It means it applies to almost all store owners whether you sell wallpapers, boxes, wires, ropes, etc. Yes, it also takes custom inputs based on available products. For more:

  • You can sell products based on sizes, lengths, and dimensions with different price options.
  • You can add the best prices for a single product or set it up for global customers.
  • It supports the best pricing for the product with different variables.
  • You can set limits for guaranteed pricing for minimum and maximum purchases.
  • You can assist the customers by allowing them to choose the dimensions or sizes from the drop-down menu.

4.  Measurement Price Calculator

Measurement Price Calculator

Add this plugin to your product or category pages and let it calculate the prices according to the different parameters, i.e., unit, size, etc. Whether you sell T-shirts and want to change the prices by the entered size, this plugin will take all the heavy lifting. The primary perks of this plugin are:

  • It suggests prices to the users based on size, units, value, etc.
  • It automatically calculates the prices for a custom size or quantity.
  • It provides support for all your inventory with variations.
  • It allows the vendors to use multiple units for automatic calculation.
  • It has a special room-wall calculator for art enthusiasts.

5.  WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin, Price Per Unit

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin, Price Per Unit

It’s a simple plugin to simplify the payment procedure, giving automatic calculations assisting the users in shopping. It also offers calculations with different scenarios such as size, length, etc. Here are some of its important features:

  • Adding a product pricing calculator to each product page or category is easy.
  • It supports and calculates the prices for variable products.
  • It offers customized pricing for custom units.
  • Set prices according to the minimum or maximum shopping value.
  • Compatible with all the WooCommerce versions.

Bottom Lines

In conclusion, optimal price plugins help boost sales by offering a discount price to the customers. In actuality, it’s helpful for both the users and the store owners simultaneously. However, Price Robot for WooCommerce has versatile functions for guaranteed pricing, meeting different conditions. Besides, it’s good to try other mentioned plugins to find reliable ones because all of them are developed for different guaranteed pricing scenarios.


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