WooCommerce Quantity Control Set Min Max Step and More

WooCommerce Quantity Control: Set Min, Max, Step & More!

WooCommerce made it easy for people who want to start their online stores, from products listing, UI features, shipping & logistics, managing orders & payments, and a lot more!

Although WooCommerce manages stock & inventory very well, a lot of people struggle when it comes to controlling product quantities being sold, whether it’s per product, or even store-wide, how & why?

WooCommerce -by default- doesn’t allow quantity control for a specific product, or even the whole store, so you can’t tell a customer that you can’t buy less than 5 of this item, or can’t get more than 20, or even define a step for a product quantity, like you can get either 5 or 10 of this product, but not 7!

This is where plugins like Product Quantity for WooCommerce come handy!

Product Quantity Plugin Overview

When there is a need, there is a solution!

That’s basically the reason behind creating this plugin, a lot of stores owners want to have a decent control over the product quantities they sell, and that’s why we’ve created a plugin to give them the best control over min/max/step quantity for orders, and more features as we will see in this review.

The Product Quantity plugin (in its both versions: the free & premium) allows store owners to define minimum, maximum, and step quantities for products in their stores, moreover, the plugin provides more control for Fixed Quantities, Dropdown Menus for Quantities, Decimal values, and more.

The plugin use is as simple as activating it, and then enabling it from the settings tab (will see more below), and then you should be good to go to set a minimum, maximum, and step quantity for products on your store.

Free vs. Pro Version

If your store products are very similar to each other, the free plugin will be a good fit for you, let’s say you have a store that sells boxes, different types of boxes, but you want to limit any product purchase not to be less than 10 boxes, and you can’t sell more than 1000 for example, the free plugin will let you do this with ease!

But this is not the case for everyone, especially with different types of stores and products, where you want product A to have specific min/max quantity, which is totally different from product B, which has other min & max! While product C doesn’t need any limitations!

That’s why we’ve created the Premium version of the plugin, where you can set any feature in the plugin for any product! Totally independent from other products in your store.

Manage All Product Quantity Settings in One Plugin: Plugin Features

Product Quantity for WooCommerce is not just a plugin to set a minimum or maximum quantity for a product, it’s an All-In-One quantity settings plugin for “almost” any quantity setting you want for your products.

Before we start, it’s important to mention that all settings for the plugin are disabled by default, and you have to enable them feature by feature based on your needs, as we will see in some of the screenshots below.

Let’s take an overview of what features this premium plugin will provide you with:

1- Manage Products Minimum Quantity:

This might be one of the most used features of the plugin, but it’s not only about setting a minimum quantity per product, this setting allows you to select minimum quantity on cart-level, all products, and for single products as well.

For example, some stores will start making profit (relatively-speaking) when customers add +4 items to their cart, regardless of products they choose, it’s important that they have more than 4 items (whether of the same product or different ones) in their cart.

The “Cart Total” setting in the plugin will allow you to set this with a click, as you see in this snapshot for the setting:

WooCommerce Quantity Control - Product Quantity for WooCommerce Minimum Quantity Options

The lower section of this setting will allow you to set a minimum quantity for all products at once, or per product. “All Products” setting means that you will set a minimum quantity for ANY product in your store to that number.

Let’s say your store BestProductsEver has products A, B, C, and you set “All Products” to 10, now this means the customer will have to add 10 of each (minimum) to make it to the cart page and complete purchase.

While this is not so common, but a lot of stores that sell similar products will find it very handy.

The “Per Product” tick box is the magical box that will let you set a minimum quantity for each product, so in the mentioned store, you can set A to have 5 minimum, B to 10, and C to 1.

This will allow different quantities per product, and you will be able to set a quantity for the product directly from the product page:

WooCommerce Quantity Control - Set Min Per Product

It’s important to mention that “Per Product” setting will overwrite “All Products” for that specific product, so if we have enabled “All Products” to 10, and set 5 to product A, customers will be able to get 5 of A, but at least 10 of B & C in the BestProductsEver store case.

You can also customize the text that you want your store to show when customers try to select quantities that don’t match your selected settings (usually by typing the quantity, not with +/-).

2- Manage Products Maximum Quantity:

Almost identical to the minimum setting, this will set a maximum number of items in cart “Cart Total Quantity”, maximum quantity for “All Products”, or “Per Product”.

This setting might not be used/needed like the minimum feature (Who minds more sales, right?), but usually there are some stores that make use of it to limit “kind of” wholesale orders on their stores, other stores use it during sales season to make offers available for largest number of customers.

WooCommerce Quantity Control - Product Quantity for WooCommerce Maximum Quantity Options

3- Manage Products Step Quantity:

A lot of stores have products that aren’t sold individually, like you can get 2, 4, 6 and so on from a product, but not in odd numbers (1, 3, 5, etc..).

Think of a store that sells jars in bulks of 6, but can’t put the whole 6 as quantity of 1 for some reason (like that each jar comes with a cover that’s optional), and needs to list the jar individually, in this case, the minimum quantity for this product will be 6, and step quantity is needed to make quantity in sort of 6, 12, 18, etc…

The step function of the plugin can be set for all products at once, or per product, if enabled per product, you will be able to edit that on the product page, like the min/max settings.

WooCommerce Quantity Control - Product Quantity for WooCommerce Quantity Step Options

The setting will also prevent customers from entering the wrong quantities if typed directly in the quantity box without the + / – signs.

4- Fixed Quantity + Quantity Dropdown Menu:

While these two settings are separate in the plugin, but they are best used together, because you can’t just allow quantities of 1, 3, 7 of a product, and leave it for customers to guess what are the possible quantities available.

It’s way better from a UX perspective to have a dropdown menu that lists the possible quantities available to be added to the cart.

This can be done by specifying fixed quantities, say 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, and then enable “Quantity Dropdown” to show the available quantities as a menu, something like this:

WooCommerce Quantity Control - Mug Dropdown

While as we mentioned, both settings are usually used together, but this is not the case all the times.

Because in some cases, you want to have a dropdown menu from 1 to 20 without the need to enter fixed quantities, then in this case, you will just enable Quantity Dropdown” setting, and specify a “Maximum Quantity” at 20.

Note that the “Quantity Dropdown” setting always needs a maximum quantity set, even if used with “Fixed Quantity” feature.

5- Price Display by Quantity:

Have you noticed the £10.00 for 1 pcs” in the last screenshot? This setting will let you show the total price based on the quantity selected.

In the last example, it might be an easy task to calculate the total (just multiply by 10), but in some cases, you better give this decent option to your customers:

WooCommerce Quantity Control - Simple Cup Prices

6- Quantity Info Display:

Sometimes you need to let customers know about specific quantity information for products on the product page itself, before they try to increase/decrease quantities.

The “Quantity Info” option is created for such cases, it will let you show Minimum Quantity, Maximum Quantity, and Step Quantity defined for the product.

The setting can be enabled site-wide, so you can’t set it for specific products only, but it’s worth to mention that it shows Min & Step by default (when enabled), and shows Max only when you have it set for that product.

All this can be customized using HTML in the setting page:

WooCommerce Quantity Control - Product Quantity for WooCommerce Quantity Info Options

Once enabled, and when you have Min, Max, and Step defined for a product, it will appear in the product page like this:

WooCommerce Quantity Control - Smart Cup

7- Other Features:

The plugin has also some other features/settings that will let you manage all your products quantity needs:

  • Decimal Quantity: This will enable you to set Min/Max/Step quantities in decimals.
  • Sold Individually: This will overwrite all settings on the plugin, and will allow you sell only 1 item for each product, site-wide.
  • Block Checkout Page: This will stop customer from reaching the checkout page on wrong quantities. Customer will be redirected to the cart page.
  • Disallowed Quantity Options: Found on the “Fixed Quantity” setting page, will let you prevent customers from selecting fixed quantities.

Product Quantity Premium Plugin Summary

As we’ve seen above, the plugin will provide you an All-In-One quantity management solution for your products, whether you want to specify Minimum, Maximum, Step Quantity or any other features we’ve reviewed.

The plugin comes with a full support to make sure you get the best out of it, and 30 days “No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee“.

If you think the free plugin will be enough for you, it’s all yours now at the WordPress plugins directory, and if you’re interested to get the premium one, you can get it right from here.

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