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Order Status Rules for WooCommerce

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Manage WooCommerce order statuses. Beautifully.


Author: WPFactoryVersion: 2.9.3Updated: 2023-01-23
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With the Order Status Rules for WooCommerce plugin, you can schedule automatic WooCommerce order status updates. For example: automatically change the order status to cancelled when 24 hours have passed since the order status was set to pending.

Multiple Rules

Add as many order status rules as you need.

Multiple order rules

Order Status

Start by setting Status from and Status to options. Custom order statuses will be listed here as well.

For example, automatically update order status from “pending payment” to “cancelled”.

Rule statuses

Time Trigger

Set when order status should be updated (in seconds, minutes, hours, days, or weeks). It’s also possible to set the time trigger to zero – the status will be updated immediately. Finally, you can skip selected days, e.g., Saturdays and Sundays.

For example, update order status after five days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

Rule time trigger

Order Amounts

Set minimum/maximum order subtotal and quantity.

For example, update order status if the number of items in the order exceeds 100 pcs.

Rule amounts

Payments and Shipping

Set required payment gateways and shipping methods.

For example, automatically cancel “Check payments” orders after 30 days.

Rule payments and shipping


Set required billing and shipping countries.

For example, set specific order status if the shipping country is Canada.

Rule countries


Set required products, product categories, and product tags.

Rule products


Set users and user roles.

For example, automatically complete orders created by shop managers.

Users and roles


Set the rule to be applied only for orders with any or specific coupon(s).



Set before and after order dates.


Product Stock

Set the rule to be applied only for orders with selected product stock status, i.e., “In stock”, “Out of stock”, etc.

Product stock

Order Meta

Set meta key and value.

Order meta

4 reviews for Order Status Rules for WooCommerce

  1. Vladimiro Celardo (verified owner)

    Tom is a living legend. I have been manually processing orders for years, I was never able to use the auto-complete code snippets floating around on the web as some of my orders are back orders which need to be manually processed.
    I dropped a comment just hours ago, and within the same day Tom added a stock status conditional rule, allowing me to auto-complete in stock orders, and leave backordered orders alone, or change their status to something separate.
    This man has literally changed my life today. I cannot thank him enough for his fast work!

    • Tom Anbinder

      Thank you, Vladimiro!

  2. Richard P. (verified owner)

    The support was very fast and and resolves all my queries, it’s a excellent plugin for change status order with every configuration you are going to need in your store.

    • Tom Anbinder

      Thank you, Richard!

  3. Gustavo Satsky (verified owner)

    Thanks for the support attention. Tom has been very kind and successfully resolved my queries.

    • Tom Anbinder

      Thank you, Gustavo!

  4. FARES SAADE (verified owner)

    The best support ever.. it took Tom (the plugin developer) few minutes to customize it to the theme.. I am glad and lucky I worked with this guy..

    • Tom Anbinder

      Thank you!

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