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How to Restrict Customers to a Single Product Purchase

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In some cases, store owners using WooCommerce may want to restrict customers to purchase only one unit of a product at a time. This feature can be useful for exclusive items, limited edition products, or to manage stock effectively.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Navigate to Woo Commerce Settings

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Woo Commerce and click on ‘Settings’.

Access Product Quantity Settings

  • Within the Woo Commerce settings, locate and click on the ‘Product Quantity’ tab. This tab may be part of a plugin feature that allows additional control over product quantities.

Adjust General Quantity Settings

  • Under the ‘Product Quantity’ tab, find the ‘General’ sub-tab.
  • Click on it to access the general quantity options.

Enable Single Product Purchase Feature

  • Look for the ‘Product Quantity Option’ within the General settings.
  • Enable this option to activate the plugin feature that restricts the product quantity to one by default.

Set Minimum Quantity (If Needed)

  •  If you decide to allow more than one unit of a product to be purchased, navigate to the ‘Minimum Quantity’ tab.
  • Here, specify the minimum quantity allowed for purchase.
  • You can set this to ‘1’ to maintain the single purchase restriction or increase it as per your requirements.

Save Your Settings

  •  After making the desired changes, ensure to save your settings by clicking the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.


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