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    Eva Puskas

    Hello, we use this plugin at registration field. It was worked properly till I bough it to use Pro functions. Both plugin stayed activated. After we deactivated both and activated again just the Pro, it doesn’t work. The field do nothing. Should we activated both or just the pro version? There is also no option to set a licence code or anything, so I’m not sure, if it works well. or what should we change at settings after activated pro? Without pro is ok. which is frustrating, when we pay for it. Also I’ve just added coutnry codes should not be check to “skip VAT validation for selected countries”. nothing else changed. thanks! Eva


    Hi Eva,

    Sorry to hear the trouble, you don’t need the free version, feel free to delete it.

    As for the license, please install WPFactory Helper plugin where you can maintain all your licenses from WPFactory.

    For the issue you’re having, we will need wp-admin access to find why, as the issue isn’t common, would you mind sharing that with us at [email protected]?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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