Although the Verified column is displayed, why is it empty?

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    Lindee Goodall

    I installed the Pro version last night. The Verified column is displayed but there’s nothing in it. 8 people have created an account since last night. One has even placed an order. At least one of the new accounts is spam.

    How can I tell if any are verified? The verified column is empty. I have the timer set to 1800 seconds. I thought they couldn’t place an order if they aren’t verified?

    Also, I have DotStore Plugin’s Fake User Blocker. I have a list of ~1000 spam users and 500 domains that are blocked. Since I installed your plugin, some of those blocked people have created a new account. Your tiny little field isn’t really big enough for blocking users. I’m wondering if these 2 plugins are compatible.

    I’m really looking for a way to keep the users as actual customers.

    Tom Anbinder
    Plugin Support

    Hi Lindee,

    First of all – I’ve just sent you new plugin version via WeTransfer. There I’ve added new “Block checkout process for unverified users” option (in “WooCommerce > Settings > Email Verification > General”). As the name suggests, you can now block users from placing order until his email is verified. There is also “Block guests from adding products to the cart” option (again in “WooCommerce > Settings > Email Verification > General”) which you may find useful.

    Also I’ve replaced “Blacklist emails” text input with textarea, so it now accepts multiple lines – you should be able to enter all your blacklisted emails there now.

    Now regarding the empty “Verified” column – that’s strange… It shouldn’t be empty – it should contain either ✖ or ☑ symbol. Would it be possible for me to log in to your site to check what’s going on (my email is [email protected]). Please let me know if sharing an account is not an option and I will continue solving it remotely. By the way – what happens when you enable “Add actions” checkbox in “WooCommerce > Settings > Email Verification > Admin > Add column” – are there any “actions” added to the “Verified” column then?

    As for DotStore plugin – I don’t think there should be any compatibility issues. However, to be sure, I need to take a look at this plugin code. Again – sharing an account would help. Or alternatively – please send me this plugin’s link or zip.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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