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    We need the plugin to keep our gross prices that we currently have in our webstore and than only change the VAT on the invoice according to the country the order comes from. Please advise how to set it up.

    As explained we need to keep the gross prices (same as they are now) and just calculate the VAT according to the shipping address. The gross amount has to stay the same old the time.

    Example: the current price for A on our website is 122eur (100 net price + 22% VAT in Slovenia) = 122,00.
    If the customer buys from Germany, the gross price has to stay the same, i.e. 122,00eur and on the invoice, the plugin has just to change the net price and the VAT of the shipping country, e.g. for Germany (102,52 net price + 19% VAT in Germany = 122,00) so the final/gross price stays the same?

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    Thanks for the detailed explanation, unfortunately this is beyond what the plugin does, since it can’t change gross price of a product, the main idea of the plugin is to validate a VAT number if correct and then remove VAT if desired.

    To my knowledge, this solution isn’t doable in WooCommerce settings by default, if you’re interested in customizing it (if you don’t find a plugin for this), reach us at [email protected] to discuss.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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