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    Miles Kitchen


    we are using a Sample function for our products, where a customer can order 1 unit of a product by clicking a seperate button on the products page. This button is configured to only add 1 of the product at a specific price. The actual product is sold in decimal quantities (eg 1.44) as its a flooring product and we sell this product in square metres. Unfortunately the decimal quantity is applied to sample, even though 1 is added to the cart.

    Can Min Max Qty plugin be set to not validate/update the sample quantity and keep it added to the cart as a single unit.

    I have been using the Min Max Qty plugin for many years now, and it was achievable on a different sample plugin, but since we have updated to a new Sample plugin its not working. Previously support helped with adding a function to force the Sample quantity and add to cart price.

    I have emailed support 2 days ago but no reply, so i’m not sure if my email got through, hoping to get some help on this forum. I sent through the previous code supplied as well as the sample plugin files.



    Omar Dabbas
    Plugin Support

    Hey Miles,

    Sorry for the delay, I’m responding to your email now, and will take it from there.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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