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    Hello Support Team, I purchased PRO version of this plug in.

    Please see an example XML feed:

    Question 1: [alg_product_categories] for Product Category vs. Product Subcategory.

    Currently the XML feed generates “Product_Category, Product_Subcategory”. An example is I have California as (parent/main) category. Modoc County is one of the Subcategories under California. Meaning the XML feed generates [alg_product_categories] => “California, Modoc County” when called.

    Desire Output: [alg_product_category] => “Calforina”. [alg_product_subcategory] => “Modoc County”

    Question 2: [alg_product_tags] outputs all product tags. In this case, “Residential Land, Wooded Land” both are tags of the listing.

    Desire Output: [alg_product_tag1] => “Residential Land”. [alg_product_tag2] => “Wooded Land”. SO that they can be separated.

    Are the two desire output possible?

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    Hi Xing,

    Sorry for the delay, currently the available shortcodes don’t allow this, give me a couple of days, I might be able to include this in the next update.



    Hi Xing,
    Glad to tell you that in the new version (just released, 2.5.4) we’ve made changes to meet your needs.
    To show parent category, use this:
    [alg_product_terms is_parent="yes" taxonomy="product_cat"]
    To show child category:
    [alg_product_terms is_child="yes" taxonomy="product_cat"]
    To show attribute:
    [alg_product_terms pick_order="N" taxonomy="product_tag"]
    Where N is the number of attribute (you will need to create multiple rows of this based on number of atts.
    I hope this meets your needs, let us know how it goes please.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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