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    Marc Noy


    I just bought this plugin because I was looking for something similar for a long while. However, when I activate the plugin the layout looks vey ugly. Everything is just summed up as plain text.

    I see a tutorial to change the layout of the text, but is that also possible if I don’t merge the attributes?

    I really like the design that the radio buttons have in your demo. Do you have any examples of css code that users can use to “pimp” their variations?

    Thanks in advance for any response.

    Kind regards,


    Hi Marc,

    Could you please share a screenshot of how the layout looks after activating the plugin?

    We do not have examples of CSS code that can help beautify the variations, but once you show how it’s appearing on your page, we can suggest some appropriate changes.

    The layout change isn’t currently possible with separated attributes. The design that you like in our demo is with the attributes merged, not separated. You could try that layout once & see how it appears on your store.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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