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    Miles Kitchen


    i’m using this plugin on a site that uses Astra Theme which shows plus & minus buttons for Woocommerce products. The products on the site use decimal quantities and step values.

    When a decimal place is a 10th or 100th or 1000th, the quantity button does not function properly. For example 0.4 will work, but 0.04, 0.0484 do not. They appear to go up for a click or 2.

    When I disable Astra plus&minus buttons the quantity works perfectly, so there is a conflict with Astra. Are you able to let me know if this is possible to fix as it would be perfect if the plugin worked with Astra function.



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    Hey Miles,

    Thanks for reporting this, your hunch is correct, it’s a conflict with that particular feature.

    If you have a staging site, that would be faster for us to reproduce & fix, please share it (FTP as well) with us at [email protected].



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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