Customize total price by quantity for variations

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    We are Wholesale company and we are selling only in bulk only. ex. unit Milk Carton, you can purchase on Pallet with price of $10/carton or purchase truck with price of $9 /carton

    where Pallet contains 28 Cartons and truck contains 22 Pallets

    You can purchase Pallet with price of $10/carton*28 carton , Else Purchase Truck with price of $9/carton*616

    I want the product page to display the price per carton based on variation and quantity will be number of cartons multiplied based on variation

    So if select variation Pallet it’ll display on product page the price $10 but quantity will be multiply by 28 carton so display only like this 28, 56, 84, n*28

    and if selected Truck the price will be $9 an quantity will be multiply by 616 carton like this 616, 1232, 1848, n*616

    So on cart it’ll display the name of product, type variation (Pallet or Truck), unit price and carton quantity

    is your plugin can helps me to do such a thing?

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    Hello Ahmad,

    I think I got you well, to start, the plugin doesn’t do any control over pricing, so you will be managing pricing per pallet & truck using other plugins or code.

    The plugin will allow you to define different minimum & step quantity for each variation, but to be clear, you’ll define the main product as 1 Milk Carton, and then define a step quantity for the Pallet, so when customers select the variation (Pallet), they will be able to select 28, 56, etc.

    The same applies to truck, you define it as a different variation, and step quantity for it will be 616.

    I hope this is what you’re looking for, if not, I can provide you with a demo access so you can test it yourself before making a purchase.



    Thank you Mr Omar for your response.

    I have purchased the product and I has a problem onClick on variation , the qty is set to last display qty

    I need if click on variation to set the minimum of selected variation

    for example if variation (Pallet) qty is 28
    and variation (truck) qty is 616

    if I selected any of them and get back to other it should change qty to the minimum of select variation

    currently if I selected truck the qty display 616
    if I switch to Pallet , the qty remains 616

    How would I fix this ?


    Thanks Ahmad for your puchase.

    Have you tried the “Variable Products Options” section on General tab?


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