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    Hey! I have a specific question! And I really hope your one of those developers that helps out clients with small adjustments.

    From my experience this is rare. But you never know.

    So technically, I would need to add a function to your great min/max plugin that allows me to make the ATC button not clickable before the minimum of a product category is selected.

    Because I use a one page checkout and when the ATC button is clicked it scrolls down to the checkout form.

    This problem could be solved by making that button “greyed out / not working” until the set minimum for a category is selected.

    Attached below is the page I talk about… at least a test-staging version where you can see what I mean and why a disabled button would be needed.

    Really hope this is somehow possible because other than that… I really love how advanced and detailed your settings and options are!

    In exchange, I could only give you my loyalty as a customer and a kick-ass review.

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    Hey Chris,

    We’re always here to help, whether in the plugin or some tweaks like this one.

    Will be happy to assist further, please send us wp-admin & FTP to your staging site and we can work there then move it to live, reach us at [email protected]



    hey Omar! I replied you already per mail. 🙂

    But I want to say it in here once again: I really appreciate this A LOT!!! You really made my start into the week a great one with this

    exceptional support!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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