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    Dimitrios Fekas

    Hello i have a coplex question. I have a product with 2 attributes
    1. Colour
    2. Size
    I want to display the title and the colour in the same row in the xml Fille. Somethin like “Lonsdale Tshirt – Black”
    One sollution i try, was to conbine the [alg_product_name] and the [alg_product_terms taxonomy=”pa_colour”] but this returns all the colour variations in the title.
    Second sollution i try was to display Variable products only in the settings but this returns all the combinations.. For example “Lonsdale Tshirt- Smal- Black” , “Lonsdale Tshirt- Medium- Black” etc.
    Its possible to display only variable products as seperate but only based on the colour variation?

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    Hi Dimitrios ,

    Yes, you can use shortcode [alg_product_list_attribute name=”color”] and use the filters (plugin setting >> bottom) to filter based on a specific attribute (color in your case).

    I hope this helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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