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    I want to put the EAN in the meta-description by Yoast.

    They say: “If my custom field was calledmyfield, then the custom variable would be %%cf_myfield%%. Or, if the custom field begins with an underscore, for example _anotherfield, the custom variable should include the underscore like so: %%cf__anotherfield%%.”

    But if i try: “%%cf__alg_ean%%” it doesnt work. Do you have a sollution?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi Donny,

    It looks like some plugins don’t “like” the starting underscore _ symbol in our _alg_ean meta key. So here is what you can do – in “WooCommerce > Settings > EAN > Advanced” you will find an option – “Meta key” – set it to something without the starting underscore symbol, e.g. alg_ean. Then set EAN for some product in your shop, and, after that, you should be able to select it in your other plugin.

    If you still can’t find the EAN in the custom fields list, based on our experience, there are a couple of different solutions to it:

    • Some plugins are gathering new custom fields on a periodic basis. This means that after you change our meta key to a new one, and set the EAN for one of your products, you may need to wait for a while before the EAN will appear in the custom fields section.
    • Some plugins have some kind of a button to force new custom fields search – you may need to click it. For example, the WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugin has the “refresh the field list” link in “WooCommerce > Settings > Product Feeds”.
    • And, finally, some plugins are checking a number of the newest products to get custom fields, so the safest solution is to add the EAN to the latest product you have in your shop. For example, the Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce plugin checks five of your latest products.


    • After you change the key from _alg_ean to alg_ean, all your existing product EANs will disappear. If you want to keep them – there is a way – you need to use our “WooCommerce > Settings > EAN > Tools” section. There is a tool – “Product Tools > Copy product meta > Copy EAN from product meta for all products”. You need to set the “Meta key” option to the old key (i.e. _alg_ean) and run the tool – it will copy all old EANs to the new ones.
    • Some plugins (e.g. WooCommerce Google Product Feed) will work with our original meta key (with the underscore symbol) as well – look for the “EAN” field there (not _alg_ean).

    Let me know if this is helpful for you.



    Hi Hindi,

    Thank you very mutch for your response!

    I was confused because other strings showed the matching information like SKU and price, but the EAN did not, as shown in the photo. However it seems to werk when when i hold the mouse on the concerned tab of my browser. The i see the full EAN instead of ‘%%cf__alg_ean%%’
    The question is whether Google and the like will also handle this, but for now the problem seems to be solved.

    Thank you for your thoughts and the long answer!

    Kind regards,



    Hello Donny,

    Great that it works for you now.

    For Google Listings & Ads go to:
    Woocommerce->settings->EAN->Compatibility->Enable Google Listings & Ads.
    This will add EAN to the product data of the Google Listings & Ads plugin.
    After enabling the checkbox, go to “Marketing > Google Listings & Ads > Attributes > Create attribute rule”, select the “GTIN” attribute, and then select _alg_ean in the “Use value from existing product field” dropdown box.


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