Enabling decimal prevents add to cart

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    Hi, I’m trying your quantity for woocommerce free plugin before purchase it (I need min, max & step function in a per product basis).
    it works fine but, as soon as I activate the Decimal Quantity feature I’m no more able to do add to cart… i receive a: Respect the requested format – quantity (in Italian)!
    the test to reproduce the error:
    activate the plugin
    activate min and setted to 1
    activate the max and setted to 4
    activate the step and setted to 1
    ==> it works
    activate Decimal Quantity
    ==> error…
    I already tried to put 1,0 – 4,0 and 1,0 rispectvely… no lack!
    it seems there is something else checking the qty format…

    please help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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