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    I want to exclude one specific user within a particular user role from product minimums. We set our minimums at the product level. I enabled the “users” section setting, Then edited her user and put it to -1. I tried setting the priority above and below the product-based priority, but everything seems to include that user in the minimums.

    How can we exclude 1 user from having minimums within a specific user role when it is set at the product level?
    Is there a hook or action or filter we can use to just unset the minimum quantity for a single user?

    Thank You

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    “Min Max Default Quantity for WooCommerce”

    This plugin currently lacks the option to exclude a specific user; it can only exclude a user role.

    Therefore, my suggestion is to create a custom user role, assign the specific user to that role, and then exclude the custom-created user role.

    Soon, we plan to implement restrictions by user ID.

    Kousik Mukherjee



    Thank you for the response. However, this will not work because she needs to be in the user role to get her pricing.
    I tried creating another user role, with -1 set as the minimum, and giving her 2 user roles, but it does not unset the product minimum from her main user role.

    Is there a filter or action we can hook into to unset the product minimum? I can create my own snippet for her specific user ID to apply that filter to avoid her getting the minimums.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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