feed not updating, unable to show in stock and not quantity.

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    I don’t know WHAT I’m doing wrong but this isn’t working, I’ve tried to change from stock quantity to stock availability and it’s working but it’s ONLY showing out of stock not in stock.


    I’m unable to show variations. I have quite a few variations on my site and need them to show for my usage of the feed.

    The feed isn’t updating every minute or every five minutes, it’s once hourly. I need it every minute, I’ve tried manually scheduling is through plesk, running it through wp_cron… nothing, it’s updating once an hour. I HAD the free version installed before I bought the paid version. I removed the free version before installing the paid version and I cannot figure out WHY this won’t work.

    Plugin Support

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out. I am really sorry to know you are experiencing problems.

    I have escalated this with our development team. They will get back to you as soon as they can.

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Support

    Hello LiftedPlane,

    I kindly ask you to forward this same request to [email protected], including the website feed URL. This will enable us to visually identify the issue on our end. Please ensure that your products are in stock, as the shortcode will display them as in stock.

    For stock availability, you can utilize this shortcode. It will function as follows: [alg_product_stock_availability true_label=”in stock” false_label=”out of stock”].

    To display variations, you can utilize the following shortcode: [alg_product_list_available_variations_for_variable strip_tags=”no”]

    For executing the cron job command, you can refer to the “Manual Cron Job Command” section within the specific feed settings area.

    Best regards,
    Kousik Mukherjee
    WPFactory Support

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