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    Plugin is great with one major flow which makes im unusable for 99% refferals. If there are multiple parent categories for one product the plugin just throws all categories randomly in, instead picking the primary category and using path for subcategories of only primary category while discarding all other categories and subcategories that are not marked as primary in WooCommerce product.

    This is major flow in all other XML feed plugins I found for WooCommerce also. To be precise, European and Asian feeds need to have this feature. At this point there is not even one plugin that solves this issues which is big problem, mostly for WooCommerce stores, because it is not possible to create feeds for European and Asian stores if product is part of multiple category paths since category path based on primary category is not avoidable option during export. At this point all categories and subcategories are outputed, primary and secondary, which makes a mess for refferal online stores to use such xml for creating correct category path and names.

    Will this feature be added in next few days? If not, I think I will need to recommend clients to stay away from WooCommerce because this is major flow that really impacts how stores are connecting with other refferal stores to push and market their products online. And as I said, not even one XML feed generator that exists at this moment has this solved.

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    Or if you could extend the support for “functions” outside WC Product Class so that we are able to grab breadcrumb with “get_breadcrumb” for products, that would probably simplify things even more. Because breadcrumbs use only primary category path automatically.



    Thanks for your detailed post, to start, I’m assuming you’re referring to Yoast primary category since WP & WC don’t define a primary cateogry by default.

    For the hierarchy part, can you try this shortcode:

    [alg_product_terms taxonomy="product_cat" orderby="hierarchy"]

    It should get you the categories in hierarchical order, once this is solved, please send me at [email protected] to see how specifying the primary category can be done.



    Thank you very much on your response. I already use that shortcode, I mean whole plugin works beautifully and does what is said it does, that is why I am writing this because if product is part of multiple parent categories that are on the same level it outputs all the trails, and we need just one to send to referral store (they can’t accept more then one trail – which is how things are with 99% of them), the one Yoast marks as primary as you mentioned.

    I also tried to eliminate other parent categories that are on the same level, because it was said to our client to use just parent category first to mark it as a primary, but you know how clients are, they forget, do not mention things they do and so on so they partially did that, so when other categories are excluded except one which should be the main, part of products are also excluded, that is why I asked if it was possible somehow to have an option for which category trail to include in the output.

    It would be great if that would be the public update because I would like to use your pro version of plugin on other sites and shops, because your is the only one that at this point offers maximum customizations. and I would like to stick with it in the future.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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