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    Xing Gao

    Hello Product XML Feeds Team, great plug-in!

    I have a question regarding conditional feeding specific fields when this field has no value.

    Example XML feed generated: https://land.elegment.com/LandSearch.xml

    One of the fields: <Photo><MediaURL>[alg_product_gallery_image_url image_nr=”1″]</MediaURL></Photo>

    Is it possible to have a data check condition before some specific field feeds? Currently, when there is no data for a specific field, it will return just “</Photo>” as a line.

    Desire output ==> when there is no data in specific data field, return a blank line (and no need to return “</FieldName>”).

    (not sure if “Hide XML tags if empty” under Template Option would do this trick?

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    Xing Gao

    Hello – I just tested “Hide XML tags if empty” option. This feature works great. No need to reply to my support request. Thanks! Xing Gao


    Glad to know it’s all sorted now Xing, will be available if you need any help.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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