How can I configure the plugin so that each user can buy a product only twice?

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    I have a webshop and I want users to buy each product only twice. Only people who have received a code can buy my 2 products in 2 sets. So if anyone have bought the product once he can buy it later one time more. Is this possible with this plugin?

    I have installed the free plugin, but I can still buy 2 product in each order. The lifetime option is checked.


    Hi Yvonee,

    Sorry I have not understood your question clearly.

    Our plugin can restrict customers from buying more than 2 products. This limit can either be per user or per product or per product category or per product tag.


    Hi Yvonne,

    Please check what order statuses are set to be counted in WooCommerce > Settings > Maximum Products per User > Order statuses. By default, it’s set to Completed orders only. Also don’t forget to Recalculate sales data after changing the Order statuses option.

    If that is not the case – there is Editable sales data option in WooCommerce > Settings > Maximum Products per User > Admin. If you enable it and then go to some user’s profile page (i.e. in Users menu), you will be able to see which products did this user buy – that may help to understand what’s going on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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