How can I disable the popup on the login page?

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    David Kraljic

    Pop ups are working but I want to not use pop ups on login page. THere I would like regular WooComm notices/messages/etc.

    In your plugin I tried enabling custoomization, entered one of the messages in the orginal html field and added custom text to test if it could find the message and it worked. Then I checked the remove message box. It did remove the message from the pop up. But it did not allow it to show in the regular WC message area. Right under the “remove message” check box it says “Although the message will be removed from popup, it will remain on the regular notice. To fix it you can simply hide it” which makes me thin it would show in the regular WC space.

    blankPablo Pacheco

    Hello David,
    I’m sorry but I ended up not being able to fully understand what you want, if it’s a question or a suggestion. Can you please elaborate it?

    blankDavid Kraljic

    Sorry, will try to be more clear.

    on woocommerce register and login pages I do not want the popups. Instead, messages (like that username doesn’t exist when trying to login) should be handled by the regular Woo messages

    blankPablo Pacheco

    Hey David,

    Have you tried some of the Restrictive Loading options?
    Maybe it can help you. You could for example check only the cart and checkout pages.

    Please try it. If it doesn’t work for you let me know that we can try to think on a solution together 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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