How can I display the cost of net sales?

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    Hello, I’m very happy with the plugin and have a question about the cost calculation. Are the cost of refunded item subtracted from the cost price? I’m quite sure it is not and make it hard to track my profit. Please can you help me

    My cost calculation formula is the default one:

    ( %stock_prev% * %cost_prev% + %stock% * %cost% ) / %stock_now%


    Or said in another way. Cost displayed is from gross sales, how to display the cost of Net sale ( Total sales) ?



    In the plugin’s settings Orders > Refunds > Refund Calculations, you will find the settings for refunds. There are 4 options here.

    1. Ignore refunds from profits

    2. Subtract total refunded from profit

    3. Subtract each item’s refund amount from profit

    4. Calculate profit by the difference between Net Payment and Cost

    It’s necessary to add the Refunded status on Tools & reports > Orders report: Order status option in order to see refunded orders on reports.

    You need to enable Advanced > Force costs update options to automatically calculate refund costs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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