How can I include multiple categories in the formulas?

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    Hi Tom, great plugin!

    Just wondering what I would need to do to include multiple categories in the formulas. ie, cumulative weight limit totals across multiple categories, not individually:
    (category 1 + Category 2) = limit X
    (category 3 + category 4 + category 5) = limit Y

    It would work perfectly if I could simply use tags, as i would just apply the appropriate tag to the products, unfortunately we sync our products via API every minute, so any tags I would place would just get overwritten. So, the only constant I have to work with is categories.


    Victor Huas

    Did you get an answer ?


    @Victor, yes, got a reply, he’s looking into it…

    However I’m going to take a different approach and create a function to auto-tag products by category as they get synced, seems a bit more straight forward for the moment.

    cat 1, cat 2, cat3—-> tag A
    cat3, cat4, cat5—–> tag B

    then in formulas I just apply the weight limit to the tag (term_ID)

    there’s quite a few examples out there to apply the function to auto tag, including some plugins that will do it.

    Plugin Support

    Hi Steve,

    We wanted to know if you still needed help on the issue.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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