How can I limit sales per month by weight?

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    I’m testing it out, as we need the ability to limit sales per month by weight. So I’ve set the mode to “product weights” selected the pending, processing, on hold, and completed statuses, validate on add to cart, and block checkout page. I’ve set my test product weight, but I don’t see anywhere that lets me set the maximum weight per user per month? I recalculated sales data after setting the weight mode.


    Actually, got that sorted, the limit “by product” made it sound as if by number of products, not the setting to use for any limit type, in my case weight.

    So that’s working, and it stops someone from selecting more than the max on the product page. But they can edit their quantity on the cart to exceed the limit. Clicking checkout does keep them on cart with the message “You can only buy maximum 150 of my product.” but because my criteria is WEIGHT, the message doesn’t help a lot. I edited the error messages to explain it was the total weight, but the message still doesn’t change when it appears on site…



    The message is not updating on the cart page or on the product page.

    To edit the plugin’s settings Frontend tab there are 2 fields for the customer message. Please try and change both of them.

    Plugin Support

    Hi Jason,

    Sorry for the delay. Do you still need help?

    Can you please elaborate your question?
    How did you try to change the error messages? What do you mean by “The message still doesn’t chang when it appears on site”?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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