How can I limit the number of products a customer can purchase in one order?

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    I have purchased the PRO – Is there a way to have quantity be each product counts in all orders monthly. So you can only buy 3 max items from the store even if you do it in multiple orders?


    It needs to be only 5 products total in our store can be purchased a month using date range Not 5 of each individual product. Then I would like to use the exclusion of 1 category term of product to not count those.


    Hi Veronica,

    Here are the steps you would need to follow in order to limit a maximum of 5 items, even though it can be in multiple orders.

    1. Create a new category and add all the products that you want to limit to this category. For example “Category A”
    2. In the plugin’s settings setup the following options:
    General > Mode > Product Quantitites 
    General > Date range > This month 
    Limits > Per product Category > Enable
    3. Edit the category from Products > Categories > “Category A” and set the Limit per user as 5

    This will limit the purchase of products in category A to 5 per user. It does not matter if the user purchases these 5 units in one order or multiple orders.

    Secondly, to exclude products from the calculation you could either not add them to “Category A” or in the plugin’s settings Advanced > Exclude products and add any products that you want to be excluded here.

    It is not possible to exclude a category as a whole.


    Thanks, where do I find trigger hooks using filters/actions for the frontend text notice on the cart. So when a user hits their max and get the feedback I want to display my own custom coded php display. do_shortcode in my template sort of works but would be easier for me to place multiple items places if you could just write out some short examples of how to use those.

    Thanks so much I am very happy so far

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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