How can I set a limit per product?

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    Hello, I’m testing your plugin before purchase it.

    I’ve a woocommerce page, and in some products I want to limit the quantity of products can buy an user.
    For example the user can buy 7 tshirts of one model but only one of another model.
    How can I limit the products as I want?

    Thank you, I’ll wait for your answer.



    Here are the options you need to configure in the plugin’s settings,

    General > Mode > Product Quantities
    General > Date range > As per your requirement
    General > Order statuses > Select the appropriate ones to which the limits should apply
    Limits > Per product > Enable

    Save the settings. Then go to the and edit the product from Products > All products

    Here you will find a new field for maximum products per user. Add the maximum limits here.

    Sebas Forner

    Hello, I’ve purchased the plugin but it doesn’t work as I expect, I need to limit the product purchase for user (it works), but I also need that the user will only be able to buy that product once, that is, if a user buys the product, he cannot buy it again if he tries to buy it again, he will not be given the option to do so. Right now if I buy the product, log out and log in again, I can buy the product again and I need that this cannot be done. If user 1 has bought the product, he cannot buy it again.
    How can I do it?
    Thank you, I’ll wait for an answer.




    It seems the limits are not set up correctly. Can you please give me some more information on how you have set up the limits? Alternatively, if you can share your WordPress dashboard access I can take a look for you. You can send your details to [email protected]

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