How can I set a maximum required amount for a group of products?

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    How do I set Max total amount for a group of products (either category or tag is ok).

    For example, I would like a maximum of 4 items total across any products in the same category.

    1 x item A + 3 x item B

    2 x item A + 2  x item B

    4 x item A

    but will reject if

    3 x item A + 3 x item B for example.

    I’ve tried to play around the settings but couldn’t get it to work. Thanks.



    I am not sure if you mean you want to set a maximum quantity per order or maximum order sum. There is only a slight change to set up each. I am assuming you mean the maximum quantity. Here are the options you need to configure in the plugin’s settings:

    General > Amount limits > Maximum
    General > Amount types > Quantity
    Products > Per product Category > Enable

    Then go to the category whose limit you want to set as 4 items and edit it. You will find a new option for maximum quantity, set it to 4.

    Now a customer will only be able to order a maximum of 4 products from this category.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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