How can I set limits per category?

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    I would like to know a few things before I purchase the plugin.

    I want to limit the purchase for a product category per user. This must include their previous orders as well. For example, if the limit is 5, and they’ve purchased 3 products of that category previous, they can only purchase up to 2 products after that.
    This needs to reset at the start of every year so the users can purchase up to the limit again.

    Please confirm that this plugin provides the following features so I can confidently make the purchase.


    Hi Darren,

    Yes, it is possible to use our plugin to limit the maximum number of products per category per user. To set this up, in the plugin’s settings configure the following options:

    General > Mode > Product Quantities
    General > Date range > This year
    Limits > Per product category > Enable

    Then go to each category in Products > Categories and edit each category. You will find a new field for Limit per user. Set the relevant limit.

    If you wish historical orders to be part of the calculation, run the Recalculate sales data option in the Tools tab of the plugin’s settings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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