How can I set limits per user role?

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    Hi guys,

    I’m using the free version but I have issues about the settings…

    So, I have the MemberPress plugin active. With this plugin, I’ve created “two parts” on my website. Normal customer and professional.

    When someone is subscribing with my MemberPress form, this someone has a statut “Professional”.

    Next, I want to add a rule that, if this professional want to order some products, he has to buy 200€ minimum.

    Problem, I can’t do that. The only things that I did was, 200€ for all the users or nothing for everyone…
    I enable the plugin in the “General” section and next add the rule on the “User Roles” section.

    Please, is there someone that can help me?

    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards.




    Here are the steps you would need to follow to set this up, In the plugin’s settings (WooCommerce > Settings > Order Min/Max Amount)

    General tab> Order Min/Max amount Enable
    General tab> Amount limits > Minimum
    General tab> Amount types > Sum
    General tab> Block checkout process > Enable (depending on your requirement)
    User roles tab> Amount by user role > Enable
    User roles tab> Enabled user roles > Normal and Professional
    Save the settings

    Now you will find the fields in the User roles tab to set the minimum amount for the user role Normal and Professional.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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