How can I skip the order total requirement for a particular shipping zone?

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    Sean McCue

    So I’ve done the setup and enabled the setting in the shipping tab to ignore the UK flat rate shipping zone by setting the minimum value to zero.. However on testing the system doesn’t seem to want to remove the minimum value and insists on using the minimum value of the other two zones, this is both in the basket and checkout pages.

    How it shows in the backend

    How it shows in the frontend

    A little perplexed about why?


    Alex on behalf of Sean



    Please try and set the minimum sum for UK as -1 instead of zero.
    While on the cart page notices will be updated automatically when user changes shipping method or zone, the checkout page behaves differently and notices are not updated automatically. Currently, you can use these solutions to this problem:

    1. Enable “Block checkout page” option in the General section. This way, the customer will never reach the checkout page, and instead, he will be seeing the notices on the cart page (which are working normally).
    2. Disable “Checkout notices” option in the Messages section. This way, if order amount will be wrong, the customer will see the correct notice when he will click “Place order” button.
    3. You can also optionally set “Additional positions” option there to e.g. “Order review: Payment: Before submit button” or any other position that is updated automatically when the user changes the shipping method or zone.

    You’ll probably want to keep Validate on add to cartHide “add to cart” button options (in General section) disabled, so your customer would have a chance to change shipping method on exceeded amounts.

    Please let me know if you continue having trouble with this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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