How does the “Per category limit” work?

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    I want to verify some of your plugin’s logic.

    1. If I set a limit “1” for the whole category which has 5 products. Does it mean that people can purchase either one of 5 products and then they won’t be able to purchase the rest? Or they can purchase 1 of each (total 5)
    2. If I set sitewide limit “1” is it going to apply to memberships? If yes then how? Is it going to limit 1 membership per user or it’ll limit them from renewing their membership?

    Thank you in advance



    For your first question, it is possible in both ways to set the limit of 1 and have people purchase only 1 product from the whole category. Also possible to set a limit of 1 for each product in the category.

    For your second question, are you using a membership plugin? If so which one? We would need to test this. If the memberships are set up as WooCommerce products, the limit will apply to the date range that you set in the plugin’s settings.


    Ok, I tested today and I set limit 1 to category. And seems like it is for 1 purchase throughout the whole category. How do I set a limit to a category for customers to be able to make purchases of 1 each from that category? Because if I set a limit of 5 then they’d be able to purchase 5 of 1 product and I don’t want that + if I add products to category then I’d have to change the limits which I might forget. I’m looking for a more practical solution than setting limits for each product individually. So could you suggest how I would set limit 1 of each throughout category?

    As a membership plugin, I use woocommerce’s native memberships plugin.



    You will have to set the limits for individual products. There is a quicker way of doing it though, through the formula tab, you would use a formula such as:

    [alg_wc_mppu limit="1" product_id="100,110"]

    This will set the maximum limit to 1 for products 100 and 110.

    Also for setting the limits for membership levels, you would also have to use a formula. The membership_plan attribute would be used in this case and the formula might look like:

    [alg_wc_mppu limit="1" membership_plan="basic" product_id="100,110"]

    This will set the maximum limit to 1 for products 100 and 110 for basic plan members.


    Ok. I tried applying following formula to the plugin and it didn’t work (limits get ignored even though I enabled “by product”).

    I then tried simply going to a product and applying the limit directly because I noticed someone experienced a recent problem with a plugin whereis its limits get ignored and also noticed the same problem.

    Currently no matter what I set limits to get ignored by woocommerce. Please help!

    Plugin Support

    Hi Andy,

    Please take a look at your “General > Order statuses” option and make sure that the new orders are able to reach that same statuses. This is how the plugin considers a purchase.

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