How to get more info from the stock report?

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    Benjamin Cohen

    I am very pleased with the functionality of the plugin, There are many useful features, I try very hard to use all the features that suit to us and the results we get are amazing.
    I did not understand how to get a full report regarding in Woocommerce / Stocks/ all the sub link above.
    I’m trying to figure out what I need to setup more that I did now to get results for these 4 reports:
    -Low in stock
    -Out of stock
    -most stocked
    -cost of goog
    Now all of those tabled are empy, Although we have set a cost of good price for all products.
    For your convenience, I would like to send you 4 attached photos for you to see, but prefer a private email rather than here.
    Thant information is very useful And I want to take advantage of thatץ
    Thank a lot



    In your WordPress dashboard if you navigate to WooCommerce > Reports > Cost of Goods Sold you can get your profit report there.

    Our plugin will only give you Cost of Goods sold and profit reports for a time period.

    For stock reports you will have to get a different solution.

    You can email us on [email protected]

    WPFactory Plugins
    Plugin Author

    Hi Benjamin,

    I’m glad to see you’re enjoying the plugin 🙂

    All the reports you’ve listed are the ones present on WooCommece > Reports > Stock, correct?

    These 3 reports (Low in stock, Out of stock, Most stocked) are from WooCommerce itself. The only stock report we have on our plugin is the last one you mentioned: Cost of goods.

    In order to display the report info in this tab you need to:
    – Access the product page
    – Enable Manage stock? option
    – Add a stock quantity

    Let me know if it helps 😉

    Plugin Support

    We now have more integration with the WooCommerce Analytics > Stock and that is a good way of getting the results you want.

    In order to filter the “low in stock”, “out of stock”, “most stocked”, you can simply access the Analytics > Stock page and click on the Show dropdown.

    To list the the cost of goods on the stock page, you can enable our option Tools & Reports > Analytics > Add “Cost” and “Profit” columns. We have some more stock options there could be helpful:

    – Take stock into consideration for cost and profit calculation
    – Add “Category” column
    – Add filter allowing to restrict the query. For now, it allows to get only products with costs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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