How to set different costs over time?

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    I use PRO version of this plugin and i use it for make inventory cost of my stock.
    I would like to know if it’s possible to indicate 2 differents price for the same product.

    -For exemple on 01/10/2021 i bought from my supplier: 5x tee shirt at 5€/pc.
    I sold 3piece => stay 2 piece in stock.
    -On 25/10/2021 i bought again 5pcs but at 6€/pc
    =>My cost inventory of 25/10/2021 is  :
    2pc at 5€
    3pc at 6€
    total stock = 10€+18€ = 28€

    Actually i change the price by new ( last) price for inventory cost so it’s false total cost.

    have you idea to manage this ?




    You can set the plugin to use the average cost of the inventory. In the plugin’s settings:

    Products > Add stock > Cost calculation expression you can set the formula for average cost calculation.

    By default it is

    ( %stock_prev% * %cost_prev% + %stock% * %cost% ) / %stock_now%

    You can change the formula to suit your requirements.

    If you use the default formula, in your case this would be calculated as: (2x€5) + (3x€6) = €28/5 = €5.6 average cost per item and your total stock would be worth €28.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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