How to set up a dropdown menu for quantity selection?

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    Dear Omar,

    I am looking to get the quantity field as a dropdown menu just like other attributes (I have only variable products). Quite simple (most of online print shops work like that) but it looks like it is very difficult to obtain. Here is a random example of what I need (price calculator on the right):

    Does your plugin allow me to get this?
    Sorry I am a bit lost in the plugin configuration, while I’m still exploring every possibilities before getting the pro version and access the per product version.
    I am not sure about “allowed quantity per attribute” within the fixed qty area. As I would like to link the final quantity with the value selected in the quantity attribute choice.

    Hope my explanation is understandable…


    Hi Antoine,

    The plugin indeed allows you to create a dropdown menu instead of quantity input.

    Dropdown appears if you have: Max fallback quantity defined (in dropdown tab), or maximum quantity defined (globally or per product/category), or if you’re using fixed quantities (allowed quantities) globally or per product.

    If you can please share with us a wp-admin access to your staging site, we will be glad to set this up for you so you can see it in action, reach us please at [email protected]



    Dear Omar,

    Thank you for your kind answer.

    I will explore things again, and write to you soon.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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