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    Lukáš Dunaj

    Hello 😉
    Please we’ve purchased now the plugin because of the PROGRESS BAR implementation with AJAX , but we can’t get it to work.

    We tried

    Widget content field:


    [alg_wc_left_to_free_shipping content=" %amount_left_for_free_shipping% left for free shipping"]


    Sadly nothing displays working progress bar :(((

    How to use the progress bar code with widget / shortcode / php ? The documentation is a bit dull on this topic.

    P.S. We are using Oxygen builder so we have a custom single product page.

    Thanks in forward for the answer.

    Lukáš Dunaj

    Ok even the comment didnt like the progress bar code (deleted it) , so here is a screenshot
    or download

    WPFactory Plugins
    Plugin Author

    Hello Lukáš,

    In order to display the progress bar using the widget you just need to add this to the Content field:

    <progress max="%free_shipping_min_amount_raw%" value="%current_cart_total_raw%"></progress>

    However, after trying to add it you probably won’t be allowed to.
    I just fixed it now, so please just update the plugin to the most recent version (1.9.3) and it’s going to be ok.

    Let me know if it works now 😉

    WPFactory Plugins
    Plugin Author

    If you’re trying to use the progress inside the shortcode, please try to remove the double quotes from the max and value attributes, like this:

    max=%free_shipping_min_amount_raw% value=%current_cart_total_raw%

    And Have you tried to update the plugin?

    Lukáš Dunaj

    Thank you 😉 its working now!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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