How to Show Additional Images Associated with Variable Products?

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    Dear Sir,
    I’ve installed the plugin because i need to show additional images associated to variable products ,i.e I’ve a selection Size and color and I’want to show only the yellow images when I select teh yellow color aand only the pink ones when I select the pink color.

    The problem is that I’m not able to associate the additional images but I can create only a full product gallery.

    How can I do?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Carlo Berrino

    Pablo Pacheco


    I think it’s not a plugin related issue but I think I can help you.

    If you want to show only the images depending on the selected color, you should do the following:
    1 – Forget about the Product Gallery. You can Remove images from here
    2 – You have to add one image for each variation you have. e.g:

    Variation 1 – Yellow / Size 1 – Yellow Image 1
    Variation 2 – Yellow / Size 2 – Yellow Image 2
    Variation 3 – Pink / Size 1 – Pink Image 1
    Variation 4 – Pink / Size 1 – Pink Image 1

    Please, tell me if that works for you.
    See you


    Hey, guys, I am lookingto contact the support of this plugin, but here is the only place I can write. I bought the pro version of the plugin and I am trying to use it with Woocommerce Composite products, where people can make their own bundle of 3 variable products. However, some of the variations of the first product only work with particular variations of the second and third product of the bundle. I created a scenario, so when you pick a color of the 1st product, you should only be able to select a particular color of the second and third product. Now, it worked, but the inactive colors don’t hide – they are in fact inactive and you can;t choose them, but they all look active and you have to try them all until you find the active one! I have the ” Displays only the possible term combinations” feature on, but it still doesn’t work – it still displays the impossible combinations. How to change this?

    Pablo Pacheco

    Hello Kgeorgiev,

    You have to select at least 1 attribute so the other ones can get inactive.

    But I believe I can help you better if you give me FTP access to your site? Would you mind? If you can, send it to [email protected] please.

    I’ll be waiting for your reply, thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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