I’m looking for advice on how to solve a problem

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    Hi if possible, I have to ask for help from you.
    I refresh the situation of my website http://www.love4music.it

    I have set the site with various bases and the bases I divided them by categories that are: “basi” as main and below it there are under categories “MP3, MIDI, CDG, KFN, MP4” and then by tags in the tags I put the names of the “artists” and the names of the “synchronizers” of the karaoke bases.

    I have implemented some limits by tag
    Once I wondered if it was possible to set limits both by tags and by categories simultaneously and you told me that it would not work because on the same basis there are both the tags and the category.
    In fact, to explain to me better each basis is in the main category called “basi” and then in one under category and then the same base has tags.
    I need to use only a plug in for limits.
    I currently use two plugs in.
    One who is no longer supported and is stopped. I use it for a limit of total basis taken by role every day. So use the “basi” category total per role every day.

    While your plug in which I have other rules by role but that uses tags.

    So if it is still confirmed that together categories and tags do not work.
    I thought of adding the same categories of the tags, then transforming tags into categories. I have to add only 66 categories and apply the limits only by categories.

    I would like to know from you if it could work.
    I bring you an example of a role

    The silver role must be able to take only 11 “bases” per day and only 3 for each “synchronizer” that are in total and must not see some bases that are “excellent”.

    Thank you for the possible help, I look forward to a suggestion.

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