Inventory not decreasing correctly

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    Is there documentation for this plugin? We can’t find any. Trying to use this plugin to control inventory at product level. So people can choose between buying say a single item, or a pack of 10. Thought we had it set up right, but when we tested our shop page and purchased a pack of 10, it only removed 1 from our inventory on the variable level.



    The current plugin description has the necessary information about how to use the plugin, in case of any further help needed, we’re here for that.

    I’ve tested both cases on variable product to reproduce your case:
    1) Stock on product (variable not variation) level, set to 100, bought 20 of one variation, I can confirm that stock quantity for the variable is now 80.
    2) Stock on variation level, disabled on product itself, and enabled “Manage Stock” on variation, tested the same scenario, and stock for variation went 80 as well.

    Are you mixing stock on both levels? And may I get access to check (on test or staging server)? If yes, please use [email protected]

    If not, that’s fine, just please provide more details to reproduce the case.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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