Is it possible to export the stock report to PDF or CSV?

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    Hi, I’m a new here and have a question pre-sales.

    1 – The stock valuation report is possible export to pdf or csv ?
    2 – The stock valuation report can show me all products details about cost total x quantity for each product or some similar feature?
    3 – The support is provided by what channels, days and hours during week?

    Very Thanks!

    Ronan Prado

    WPFactory Plugins
    Plugin Author

    Hi Ronan,

    1. Yes, you can export the stock report to CSV

    2. There is a screenshot reference here on the description tab. The stock report will show these columns:
    – product id
    – title
    – stock
    – cost
    – price
    – profit
    – total cost
    – total price
    – total profit

    3. You can use this Support tab or you can send emails to [email protected].
    We generally respond within 1-2 days

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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