Is it possible to reduce units using the “Add stock” feature?

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    I´m testing the plugin at it looks great. I have a question. When I have to update the stock I understand that I must use the Add stock” meta box to the product edit page, the problem is sometimes I must remove products when wharehouse breaks or loose products, but that meta box don´t let me put numbers under 0, like -1, -2 and so on

    I think this option it´s a must have for the plugin, is there any way to get that?

    Regards and congratulations for your work



    I might have not completely understood your question.

    On the product edit page, you should easily be able to set the stock as zero.

    On Tools > Bulk edit costs, you should also be able to set the stock to zero.


    Thanks for your answer.

    I´m editing a product, in the right sidebar I can see the box “Cost of Goods: Add stock”

    Then imagine I have 5 units in my stock

    Tomorrow I receive 1 more unit. Then in that box I put 1, in the second field I put the price cost, click “appy” and then my stock change to 6

    If I click to “History” I can see dates when I added some units to my stock.

    The problem is I can add units, but I can´t substract units. I hope you understand now.

    By the way. In that box you always need to put the cost price. I don´t want to put the price cost everytime, If price cost is always de same it would be nice to left that field empty.




    We have escalated this with our developers. We will let you know if they can add this feature.

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    Hi Alejandro,

    It could be possible but I’d need your help 🙂

    This is the “Add stock” calculation we’re doing right now:

    $new_cost = ( $stock_prev * $cost_prev + $stock * $cost ) / $stock_now

    In other words, it means that if you have a product costing 2$ with a stock of 5 and you use the “Add stock” metabox with these values (Stock: 10 / Cost: 3$), this is how the new cost would be calculated:

    5*2 + 10*3 / 5+10 = 2,6$

    You’re suggesting two different things. First would be the negative stock and the second would be the ability to leave the field empty. Can you please help me with an example in numbers of how you’d like it to work?


    Thanks for your interest

    I´m sending you here a link where you can see how it works actually with my Opencart shop.

    About negative restock quantities:

    In my case cost changes only once a year, so

    5*2 – 1 it means 4*2/4 = 2

    About empty field I mean that maybe cost field should be prefilled with the last cost, or the average cost. That field should be manually filled only if the cost price changes.

    I have 4.000 products, cost are different, but don´t change often. If I have to search each product cost just to add stock to the inventory, we waist a lot of time. Imagine if we receive an order from a provider with 50 products. Add that order to the inventory it´s easy if you only change quantities, but if you have to search every price cost of those products to introduce again the price cost (same cost that last time I changed the quantity), then it´s an unnecessary work. What I suggest it´s to leave blank cost field if cost doesn´t change, or maybe show a prefilled cost.

    I hope you understand, feel fre to ask if you don´t understand anything


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    Hello Alejandro,

    Sorry for the delay.
    I’ve created some “Add stock” options for you 😉

    1. The option to setup the mathematical expression used to calculate the average cost of good. Probably you won’t need to worry about it, but just in case

    2. A new option allowing to choose what happens if you leave the cost field empty when using the “Add stock” option:
    – Calculate using the current cost value
    – Calculate using the last cost value from “Add stock” history
    – Prevents calculation (default)

    3. A new option allowing to enter negative stock values.

    Option 1 and 2 will be only on pro though.
    And the new options will be available only on version 2.4.2

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