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    I have an issue with the plugin not applying the min qty only on the product page. In every other page (like homepage or on a category page).

    Short explanation for the use case of the plugin:

    • the store is selling leather as raw-material, in stock management the products are kept in square-meters;
    • invoicing needs to be in squere-meters
    • each piece of leather has a specific size, like 2.4, 3.8 square meters
    • customers must have in the cart the exact qty for each piece (for ex. if the size is 2.4 sq meters, they will need to have in the cart 2.4 as qty).
    • for customer not to be able to change the qty, the qty field is hidden on these products

    Plugin is working as expected on product page: https://www.vanzari-piele.ro/produs/piele-naturala-alb/

    Plugin is not working anywhere else: https://www.vanzari-piele.ro/ https://www.vanzari-piele.ro/categorie-produs/piele-naturala/

    I don’t know if it has to do something with the plugin or there is some other issue, please help for fixing this issue.


    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting us and I hope you are well.

    Do you mean that by Selecting the quantity from the single product page, it is added directly to the shopping cart, but if you are on the category page or the home page, and Selecting the quantity then click “SEE THE PRODUCT” ” the quantity selected by the customer is not taken into the cart?

    If correct, please tell us so we can make sure that we understand the problem correctly.

    Thank you for your time and effort.

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